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Welcome to the Psychtrics podcast where we use psychology, and the social and behavioral sciences to delve deeper into human behaviors exploring topics that affect us in our everyday lives and the wider society that we live in.

About us

Although, our adaptation to the world is increasingly facilitated by technology, the essence of knowledge is still about interacting with people.

‘Curiosity’ motivates me to learn, to expose myself to novel information that challenges my own beliefs which ultimately means that I throw myself in the deep end.
Relationships and nurturing them are a part of the human condition and as social creatures, we grow in the environment that serves our human needs.
Not surprising then that my love of learning, has led me to a passion for asking questions.
My goal is to keep on learning and by making this podcast, I decided to take a 30-minute challenge to ask questions to interesting people, who share my passion for learning!

Episode 1

Reflecting on Covid-19 with Daniel WalshBehaviours- the new norm

‘We have seen dramatic change ….in a way I don’t think behavioral science really could have predicted’

It’s so great to have Daniel Walsh on the podcast. Daniel is a Cambridge-educated behavioral scientist specializing in risk and communications. His area of interest is focused on understanding how the public makes sense of infection risks, and some of the unintended consequences public health campaigns can have in this.


Rehana Asani

Guest speaker:

Daniel Walsh

Podcast length:

30 mins


Reflecting on Covid-19 with Daniel Walsh
Behaviours- the new norm


20th April 2020


Episode notes:

Covid-19 has become a medical, scientific, and social challenge impacting a variety of social relations. Without a Vaccine or treatment in the short-term, the success of slowing Viral transmission is dependent on behavioral strategies such as social distancing measures. We discuss how the Covid-19 lockdown is impacting our lives and what that means for human society.

About me:

I’m a development psychologist, author, lecturer and a consultant to global organisations on learning, talent and leadership development.

My research interests are in understanding the non-cognitive factors of high performance and how that contributes to learning. I have previously lectured as Assistant Professor of psychology at the HW campus, Edinburgh and conducted research on children’s development at UCL.

I am a graduate of the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and London School of Economics.

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